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Dolphins jumping freely at the ocean.
This package is expired.

A Dawn In Maldives

A 7 days and 6 nights package for 2 people including daily meals and 5 free excursion activities at Maldives.
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Hello December!

Race down to the end of 2017 at Maldives, This package is ideal for a couple with 6 nights stay at Velana Beach Maafushi.

At Maafushi, Breakfast is provided from the hotel and Lunch, Dinner is provided by Nika Restaurant.

$50 Gift Voucher.

All taxes, transfers and 3 free activities are included in the package.

In this package

Exterior view of Velana Beach Hotel at Maafushi.

Velana Beach

Sink in the novel culture and island life by staying at the local hotel Valana Beach in Maafushi.

Dolphins jumping freely at the ocean.

Dolphin Cruise

Venture into a spectacular cruise to see and admire the ever charming Dolphins at their habitat.

A whale shark slowly pacing.

Whale Shark Expedition

Embark on a wondrous snorkeling trip with our expert guides to spot the largest fish in the world.

Aerial view of a Maldivian resort with water bungalows.

Explore Rannalhi

Famed as one of the chief hotels Rannalhi offers an exquisite escapade with an easy access to Malé.

A tourist quenching the thirst with a slice of watermelon.

Kaafu Full-day Tour

Pack up for a full adventure over the whole atoll filled up with an array of hand picked activities.

Vaavu Full-day tour

Spend a day filled with unique experiences on this adventure at Vaavu Atoll, Nurse Sharks? Yes.