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  • Surfing

    by Moana Trips


Hang-loose and unwind, surf like a pro with our surf guides at celebrated surf points on Malé Atoll.

Surfing has been a rapidly growing sports among youths in Maldives. The once-unknown Northern Atolls have appeared as an essential element of the international surf scene, as well as the center of the expanding Maldives surfing.

The best time to enjoy the big waves occurs in June, July, and August, which is the Southern Hemisphere Winter. The waves are best in the spring and summer when it typically ranges between two to eight feet.

Some of the world famous points which you can experience with our expert guides are:


Chickens - Left, 8-10ft

Coke's - Right, 4-8ft

Jailbreaks - Right, 4-9ft

Sultans - Right, 4-8ft

Honky's - Right, 2-8ft

Lohis - Left, 2-10ft


Foxy's - Right, 2-8ft

Guru's - Right, 4-8ft

Riptides - Right, 2-8ft

Twin Peaks - Right, 2-8ft

So, come along and enjoy the waves of your life. What are you waiting for?