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  • Submarine Dive

    by Moana Trips

Submarine Dive

Dive under the deep sea and observe marine life lively at their natural habitat in a Submarine.

This is a 0.8-hour ride at 120ft below the surface at Tear Drop Reef between Malé and Vilimalé.

The initial stop which is 25 meters where various types of reef fishes and bright corals are found. The next stop which is 40 meters, a totally separate coral garden.

Tip Reef Sharks and Napoleons are sighted at 40 meters while blue or yellow-stripped Snappers, Common Lion-fish, Yellow Box Fish, and Turtles are usually found at 25 meters. If you are seeking a night dive watch for the sleeping Manta Rays.

Carry your camera with you and never crave a wonderment rendezvous.